Who are we?

Welcome to Satam

We are experts in hydrocarbon metering solutions. We develop, manufacture, market, maintain and renovate metering systems for the hydrocarbon supply chain.

Specifically designed for custody transfer metering of liquid petroleum products and non-corrosive chemicals, all our metering systems are made in France. They are used in oil depots, on oil road tankers, aircraft refuelers and fuel dispensers for loading, unloading, transfer, blending and additive injection operations.

ZCE5 for truck loading

ZCE5 is a compact vertical metering system for truck loading applications. This ready to use equipment is certified for custody transfer applications according to OIML R117. It includes filtering and gas elimination functionalities. Meretering is performed by a ZC17 PD meter. A multi function valve in controlling the flowrate during the loading operation.

Aircraft refueling

Recognized for their outstanding reliability, Satam PD meters and flow computers are used by majors oils companies such as Air TOTAL, Air BP, EXXON Aviation, SHELL and by companies providing fueling services for the commercial...

Equavision: TAS for depots

With its new automation and supervisory system Equavision, Satam offers an effective solution for supervision and management of products movements in your depot and terminal.