Aircraft refueling

Recognized for their outstanding reliability, Satam meters and flow computers are used by majors oils companies such as Air TOTAL, Air BP, EXXON Aviation, SHELL and by companies providing fueling services for the commercial aviation industry such as FAS, GPA, AIR FUEL, GAO. With more than 800 kerosene Positive Displacement meters installed all around the world, ZC17 PD meter is known as one of the most reliable solution for jet fuel metering on aircraft refuelers and hydrant servicers. With its rugged and reliable design , ZC17 PD meter gives reliable and repeatable measurement in full compliance with international Weight and Measures regulations.

Equalis electronic register is also a part of Satam solutions for aircraft refueling. Thanks to its calculation and communication capabilities, Equalis flow computer can be linked to any on-board data transmission system.

The complete Satam refueling product range is Custody Transfer approved according to national and international regulations (MID evaluation certificate for Europe, OIML R117 compliance...). Furthermore, the Satam metering systems are approved for installation in explosible area (ATEX...).