Our markets

Metering systems for the oil sector

With our extensive field experience and teams of qualified engineers, we offer cutting-edge metering solutions adapted to the specific market of the midstream and downstream petroleum sector. Our offer ranges from providing a simple metering system with custody transfer approval to the design and implementation of complete installations.

Depots and oil terminals

Satam metering systems are designed for liquid hydrocarbons and LPG, and specifically the loading and unloading of trucks, rail cars and barges.

The metering systems can be integrated into a frame (skid) with loading arms, valves, pumps and security devices. The complete skid is supplied pre-wired and factory tested, ensuring fast and precise installation on your loading gantry.

Operation of the installation is performed through a modular supervisory system designed for depot and terminal applications.

Our project team can also upgrade existing facilities and assist with compliance certification.

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Aviation application

Satam meters, known for their reliability, and Satam ultra-communicating flow computers, are mounted on the aircrafts refuelers and fuel dispensers. They allow an accurate determination of the delivered fuel quantities and billing it to the airlines.

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Metering systems on-board roads tankers

Satam metering systems are available as standalone versions with a mechanical register and printer and also an with electronic flow computer.

Satam designs and produces systems that are recognised for their robust and compact design by road tanker manufacturer and end-users alike, and is the main French market provider of metering systems installed on oil road tankers.

Fuel dispensers

Satam fuel dispensers are designed for refuelling aircraft, boats and industrial vehicles. They are perfectly adapted to the safety, reliability and robustness requirements specific to this field.

Armed forces equipment

Satam provides customized solutions for the refuelling and maintenance of military equipment and aircraft, guaranteeing permanent operational standards 24/7.