Digital control valve DVX 4

Precise control of loaded quantities
The DVX4 digital control valve is designed to provide precise flow rate control and batch delivery of fluid products. Controlled by an electronic register or by a remote module, the valve ensures low flow start up, high flow rate control, low flow shutdown, and final shut-off. DVX4 also maintains a constant flow rate with varying line pressures.
Sectors of application: 
Loading stations for tank truck, tank car and ship
Biofuels preparation with in-line or batch blending
Key Points: 
Precision flowrate and batch control
Modular design with exchangeable internal components
Fail safe: automatic valve closing in case of power supply failure
Maintain a constant flow rate with varying line pressure
Main technical data: 
Maximum operating flowrate: 150 m3/h
Connections: flanges 4'' ASA 150 RF
Operating principle: Valve operated by 2 solenoid valves on the base of a pressure balance on each side of obturation piston
Liquid temperature: -10°C to + 90°C
Ambient temperature: -25°C to +55°C
Maximum viscosity: 20 cSt
Pilot valves: 2 solenoid pilot valves 220V 50Hz
ATEX : Ex II 2 G
Opening and closing speed adjustment: via 2 needle valves