Equalis S flow computer for truck

Flow computer for on board metering
The Satam Equalis S is a powerful and versatile field batch controller designed for aircraft refueling vehicles and tank trucks. It meets all the requirements in terms of security and accuracy for installation on fuels transport vehicles. Custody transfer certified, Equalis S is compatible with the entire range of volumetric meters used in this industrial sector. It can directly interface with most cab mounted data capture systems.
Sectors of application: 
Heating oil delivery
Aircraft refueling
Key Points: 
Compact design for easy installation
High capacity of transactions storage
Weight and Measures Custody transfer approved
Can be directly linked to cab mounted data capture systems
On screen browsing of stored transactions
Duplication of volume or mass display
Main technical data: 
Antivandalism numeric keyboard
pre-programmed pushbuttonsoard
cycle start/stop pushbuttonard
Data storage: 60 000 transactions
Meter inputs: 1 or 2 inputs dual-pulse with flow direction:
Pt100 inputs: 1 or 2 inputs (4-wire Pt100)d
Current inputs: 1 or 2 for pressure, temperature and density measurements
Digital inputs: 15 inputsnputs for grounding system, overfilling system, additive volume, emergency stop
Digital outputs: 10 (+10) relays-valve commands, pump, alarm, additive injection