Helical turbine meter ZT

Light but performant ...
The Satam turbine meter ZT is primarily used for volumic metering of low viscosities petroleum products. Its compact measuring tube with built-in flow conditioner allows an easy installation in horizontal or vertical position without the
need for any straight inlet or outlet piping. Its compact and multifunctionnal flow computer Equalis S meets all the requirements of liquid petroleum products delivery market for safety, reliability and performances.
Sectors of application: 
Oil depots: products reception and loading bays of tank-trucks, rail cars and ships.
Aircrafts refueling: metering on-board aircraft refuelers, hydrant dispensers and hydrant carts.
Liquid hydrocarbons transportation by pipeline: metering of light petroleum products.
Marine: filling of fuel tanks
Refinery: internal metering and flow control of production processes
Key Points: 
Low installation costs: no need for inlet and outlet straight lengths because of integrated flow conditioner
Easy to maintain: measurement chamber removable and exchangeable to simplify maintenance operations and reduce installation downtime to a minimum.
Wide range of use: helical blade design for flow rate from 3 to 300 m3/h. and for single or multiviscosity application
Custody transfer approved according to international regulations (OIML R117-1 and MID 2004/22/EC). Metering Solutions M Countum Group Turbine ZT Helical turbine meter Measuring systems Flow computers Flow Ac
Main technical data: 
Volume accuracy ≤ +/- 0.15% (single product application)
Repeatability ≤ +/- 0.02%
Flow straightner Built-into the meter body
Custody transfer approval: evaluation certificate EC/MID n°LNE-29691