Reception metering system ZCE21

A pump equipped metering system

ZCE21 is a reception metering system designed for tanker truck and tanker train hydrocarbons off-loading. It has an integrated pumping unit and is supplied pre-cabled, tested and mounted on a support frame. It allows for immediate use without requiring electrical cabling and complex hydraulic connections. It is a compact design and can be easily installed in small areas.

Sectors of application: 
Tanker truck unloading operations
Hydrocarbon reception from rail tanker
Fuel delivery to service station
Measurement of white products and bio-fuels
Key Points: 
Simple and robust construction with minimal moving mechanical components
Metering system supplied fully assembled and factory tested in order to ensure a maximum reliability
Filtering system with possibility of automatic clogging detection
Automatic gas purge system to start off-loading with empty tubing
Extensive line of accessories to create customized measurement applications
Main technical data: 
Accuracy volume: < ± 0.15% - Option < ± 0.1%
Repeatability volume : ≤ ± 0,02%
Maximum flow rate: 60 m3/h - 1000 L/mn
Measured liquids: Petrol, premium fuels, diesel, E5…E85, bio-diesel, ethanol, methanol, kerosene, fatty acid methyl ester oils
Gas elimination device – Stainer : included
PD meter model: ZC17-80
Multi-functions valve: Small and large flows, authorization, flow limitation
Flow register: Mechanical register, preset*, printer*, pulser*, (* : option) or Equalis electronic register
Centrifugal electro-pump: included