Aircraft twin wheel pressure balancing system

NATO accreditation n° FO199

Since 1921, Satam has been supplying metering solutions to the oil and gas industry. Expert in hydrocarbons’ metrology, Satam has the global knowledge, which addresses the particular requirements of the army.  Satam’s reactivity, its adaptability and its dedication to service are implemented to facilitate aircraft refuelling and armies’ logistics. From fuel measurement and distribution, to tyre assembly and dismantling
equipment for terrestrial (armoured) vehicles and aircraft, Satam’s key services are dedicated to the optimization maintenance of military equipment.

Sectors of application: 
Tyres pressure adjutsment
Pressure balancing
Key Points: 
Compléments and/or balancing with compressed air or nitrogen
Trolley or portable version
Main technical data: 
Operating pressure: from 0 to 25 bar