Satam metering systems are designed for accurate flow measurements of liquid hydrocarbons, LPGs and non corrosive chemicals. They are used in petroleum depots, road tankers and aircraft refuelers for commercial or private transactions.
Complete metering units are available for road tankers and railcar loading and unloading, product reception, products blending and additive injection control. Satam can provide complete metering systems for loading stations including meter, densitometer, batch controller and data logging, automation and supervisory systems.

Equalis S flow computer for depot

Equalis S is an all-in-one field batch controller designed for oil depots and terminals. It meets all the requirements for tanker trucks, railcar and ships loading and unloading operations. Custody transfer certified, Equalis S is compatible with the entire range of volumetric and mass meters used in the oil industry. Equalis S is an all-in-one electronic register.

Large display unit DIR 12

DIR 12 is a large display unit for indication of volume or mass. It is designed for installation on aircraft refuelers, hydrant dispensers and tank truck loading stations. DIR 12 can be connected directly to flow computer via data bus or via frequency input. It operates as a repeater of flow computer displayed volume.

Vertical metering system ZCE5

ZCE5 vertical metering unit is designed for road and rail tanker loading stations with top or bottom loading configuration. The ZCE5’s space saving configuration makes for easy installation in smaller facilities and compact pipeline networks. ZCE5 is a ready-to-use device. It comes equipped with filter, air eliminator, PD meter, valve and mechanical or digital register.

Metering system system for truck EMS 24 - 48

EMS 24-48  onboard metering systems are designed for measurement under pressure on tanker trucks and, in particular, for fuel tankers. EMS can be supplied with mechanical register or an electronic batch controller that ensures secure archiving of transactions but also monitoring of controls associated with the loading operations such as bottom valve, pump, throttle valve control, and injection of additives.

Reception metering system ZCE21

ZCE21 is a reception metering system designed for tanker truck and tanker train hydrocarbons off-loading. It has an integrated pumping unit and is supplied pre-cabled, tested and mounted on a support frame. It allows for immediate use without requiring electrical cabling and complex hydraulic connections. It is a compact design and can be easily installed in small areas.