In this major oil depot in southwest France, diesel fuel is delivered by barge and then transferred by pipeline to the tank farm. Satam built an injection skid for performing the in-line mixing of the VOME and diesel to produce a fuel containing 7% VOME (biodiesel B7).


In a context of increased competition, this major oil depot located in southwest France has launched an up-grading and a renovation of their trucks loading gantries.

In order to answer to an increasing demand for ready to use loading systems for tank-truck, Satam has released a complete skid mounted loading system for fuels truck loading.
Developed according to the specifications of a major French Oil&Gas company, the skid mounted loading system has six bottom loading arms.

Satam is recognized internationally for the reliability and quality of its ZC17 PD meter by majors oils companies operating in aviation fuelling such as Air TOTAL, Air BP, ESSO Aviation, SHELL and companies providing into plane fuelling services ...