Master meter

ZCM  master meter is dedicated to periodic calibration of custody transfer measuring equipment. It is a working standard that can be used regularly to check and calibrate measuring instruments or measuring systems. With minimal dimensions, it can easily be moved to several different sites without the requirement for lifting tools. Equipped with an Equalis electronic register that ensures linearization of measurements, it can be used with liquids of various viscosities with no loss of accuracy.

Sector of application

  • Oil depots: Periodic metrological verification of meter and measuring systems
  • Aircraft refuelling: Calibration of  meters installed on board aircraft fuelling tankers and on aircraft refuelling cabinets
  • Marine, mining sites, transport companies: Periodic calibration of fuel dispensers

 Key points

  • Reduced weight and dimensions: Possibility to move the ZCM 17 to different sites without the requirement for lifting tools
  • Self powered technology: Functioning of the mechanical register version without any power supply
  • Modular design: Can be installed on a trolley as mobile calibration equipment
  • Stable and accurate volume measurement without any influence of installation position

  • Accuracy : < 0,10 % / Option < 0,05 %  with linearization
  • Repeatability: < 0.02 %