Robust and reliable

Satam products are dedicated to custody transfer metering of liquid petroleum products. Known for their reliability and robustness, they are installed in oil depots, on aircraft refuellers, oil tanker vehicles and fuel dispensers for loading, unloading, transferring, blending and additive injection operations.

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Positive displacement meter

ZC17 Positive Displacement meter (PD meter) is a system with freely-moving blades used to measure petroleum products such as fuels, bio-fuels and refined liquid hydrocarbons. Its simple design using only two pairs of blades and one moving rotor means Satam PD meter is exceptionally robust and generates significant savings on maintenance costs.

Vertical loading unit

ZCE5 vertical metering unit is designed for road and rail tanker loading stations with top or bottom loading configuration. The ZCE5’s space saving configuration makes for easy installation in smaller facilities and compact pipeline networks. ZCE5 is a ready-to-use device. It comes equipped with filter, air eliminator, PD meter, valve and mechanical or digital register.

Horizontal metering unit

ZCE5-H metering system is designed for road and railcar tanker loading stations with top or bottom loading configuration. The compact horizontal measuring unit is ideal for easy installation in smaller facilities.

Groupe de comptage EMS

Tank truck metering system

EMS 24-48  metering systems are designed for measurement under pressure on tanker trucks and, in particular, for fuel tankers. EMS can be supplied with mechanical register or an electronic batch controller that ensures secure archiving of transactions but also monitoring of controls associated with the loading operations such as bottom valve, pump, throttle valve control, and injection of additives.

Multi functional batch controller

Equalis S is a field batch controller designed for oil depots and for tank truck applications. It meets all the requirements for tanker trucks, railcar and ships loading and unloading operations. Custody transfer certified, Equalis S is compatible with the entire range of volumetric and mass meters used in the oil industry. Equalis S is an all-in-one electronic register. It can interface directly with most terminal automation and data management systems.

High flow rate fuel dispenser

ZCE17 high flow rate fuel dispenser is designed for refuelling of ships and motorized vehicles. Different versions and options are adapted to the constraints of any specific application and tailored for the maximum safety, reliability and accuracy. The versions fitted with electronic register provide a safe control, secured and backup of each transaction and direct data transmission to the Customer’s administration and management information system.

Multi-point additive injection system

Satam additive injection and control system is composed of Equalis S controller and one or several AIM (additive injection modules). Equalis S controller is designed to operate as single or multi-point additive injection controller. It is capable of controlling from 1 to 12 additives injection modules (AIM) operating simultaneously or individually in any combination.

MID/EC approved additives injection metering system

ZCE28 additives injection metering system is MID/EC – OIMLR117 approved in order to meet local Customs and Excise requirements. The additive
package includes a micro-PD meter, electro valve and Equalis S additive controller.

Gravity metering unit

ZCE11-48 is a gravity metering unit for fuels. It is designed to rule out any fraud possibility during fuel transportation between depot and gas station.
It allows to determine and to verify the delivered quantities without any contestation.

Gravity feed reception unit

ZCE11-80 reception unit is specific for the gravity emptying of a tank to underground storage. It is fitted with an automatic gas elimination system linked to the dosing valve. This provides total reliability of the volume measurement even at the start and end of unloading with a partially empty hose configuration. The entire transferred product can be measured with enhanced accuracy. This measuring unit can be supplied with an electronic or mechanical register. The mechanical version is totally self-powered.

Reception unit with pump

ZCE21 is a reception measuring unit designed for tanker truck and tanker train hydrocarbons off-loading. ZCE21 is fitted with a centrifugal pump. It is designed to empty tanks to underground or surface storage. Its built-in gas elimination device guarantees reliable volume measurements in all the unloading steps.

Reception metering unit for pressurized liquids

ZCE 29 is a reception measuring unit designed for unloading of tank truck, rail tanker and ship. It is provided with a gas elimination device. This enables the complete delivery measurement to be reliable and accurate even in case of liquid – gas mixture into the up-stream delivery hose.

Blending unit

ZCE25 is a complete metering system dedicated to blending control and to custody transfer measurements of end products and mixed components. Fitted with Equalis blending and batch controller it will also control loading operations and security devices.

Aircrafts refuelling cabinet

This complete aviation fuel distribution unit is dedicated to the fuelling of small airplanes and helicopters. It is delivered ready for use. It includes a custody transfer approved metering system with mechanical or electronic register, a micro-filter separator, a pump and a fuel distribution hose and nozzle.

Supervision and management system for loading and reception bays

Equavision is loading and reception stations monitoring software based on client-server architecture. It provides a fully modular structure adapted to all sizes of installations. Equavision allows you to centralise and archive all your metering data and to remotely control your loading stations via full loading plan management.

Density metering package

The Satam density metering package provides real time fuel density measurement. Combined with the Equalis flow computer, it allows the continuous monitoring of measured product mass and base volume. Thanks to the taking into account of density variations, mass and corrected volume accuracy is significantly improved.

Large display unit

DIR 12 is a large display unit for volume or mass display. Specific for installation on aircraft refuellers or on loading bays, it provides real time display of loaded quantities in volume or mass.

Aircraft twin wheel pressure balancing system

The aircraft twin wheel pressure balancing system is design for pressure adjustment of civil and military aircraft tyres with with pressure balancing option for twin wheels. Inflating gas can be nitrogen or air.