Client-server architecture for optimal modularity

Equavision is loading and reception stations monitoring software based on client-server architecture. It provides a fully modular structure adapted to all sizes of installations. Equavision allows you to centralise and archive all your metering data and to remotely control your loading stations via full loading plan  management. Equavision collects the data from the Equalis calculators and performs the databases administration. It is also a maintenance and configuration tool. It stores all the Equalis calculator internal operating data and provides full, fast and effective troubleshooting.

Main applications

  • Management and control of products reception and loading bays in an oil depot
  • « Super Client » configuration for a complete overview of all the connected depots

 Equavision functionalities

  • User administration using specific authorisations (clients, quotas, vehicle specifications, drivers)
  • Delivered products management (product type, additive type and content, blending rate)
  • Loading operation control and management (pre-selection, loading plans, badge reader identification, delivery reports)
  • Products reception control and management (unloading from tanker trucks and rail cars, tank to tank transfers, pipeline deliveries)
  • Transaction and event recording (transaction logs, calculator operational status reports)