Our priority: uninterrupted operation of your metering systems

Thanks to our solid experience servicing metering installations in midstream and downstream petroleum activities, we can supply complete and personalised customer service.

From commissioning to technical support, maintenance, repair and training, we provide an extensive service offer.

Our team operates around the world in strict compliance with national and international standards governing the oil sector.

For metrology and distribution of petroleum products

  • Operation in oil depots
  • Operations on road tankers equipped with on-board metering systems
  • Operation on pipelines

A varied and comprehensive range of services

  • Verification of metrology compliance
  • Repair of mechanical components such as valves, meters and separators
  • Maintenance of electronic devices and software: flow computers and associated software
  • Maintenance of metering  installations with periodic verifications programs and preventive/corrective maintenance contracts

A complete range of technical training courses

Satam offers training courses tailored to each skill level:

  • Install level: for equipment installation, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Maintenance level: equipment management and first level troubleshooting
  • User level: advanced product use and understanding