In this major oil depot in southwest France, diesel fuel is delivered by barge and then transferred by pipeline to the tank farmTo meet new European requirements, the product is supplemented with vegetable oil methyl ester (VOME) during transfer.
Satam built an injection skid  for performing the in-line mixing of the VOME and diesel to produce afuel containing 7% VOME (biodiesel B7). This injection skid includes a measuring system ZCE5 with Equalis batch and blending controller, incremental valve and a pumpThe Equalis receives the main line flow rate information from a custody transfer approved turbine meter. It then adjusts the injection rate of VOME to maintain a constant rate of 7%, whatever the speed of the main line.
The injection skids were manufactured, wired and tested in the production facility of Satam Falaise. This equipment interfaces with an existing metering installation approved for commercial transactionsThe Satam project team carried out the custody transfer certification of the complete installation according to the European MID (Measuring Instruments Directive).