Refuelling of small airplanes and helicopters

This complete aviation fuel distribution unit is dedicated to the fuelling of small airplanes and helicopters. It is delivered ready for use. It includes a custody  transfer approved metering system with mechanical or electronic register, a micro-filter separator, a pump and a fuel distribution hose and nozzle. The version fitted with electronic register provides a secured back-up of each transaction and a direct data transmission to the Customer’s administration and management information system.

 Sector of application

  • Fuel distribution to small aircrafts and helicopteres

Avantages clés

  • Metering set provided on a frame, fully assembled, wired and tested in factory
  • Robust and reliable construction with minimal mechanical components
  • Certified for fuel custody transfer according to international regulations and local Weight and Measures authorities
  • Certified for use in hazardous areas


  • Accuracy volume: < ± 0.15% – Option < ± 0.1%
  • Repeatability volume : < ± 0,02%
  • Delivery hose : 15 to 30 mL
  • Microfilter and water separator: included
  • Grounding system with roller:  15 mL