The additivation offers to oil distribution companies a solution of quality différentiation bringng to their own client an improved fuel:

  • To clean the injection system
  • To increase the lubricant properties of the fuel to increase life time of the engine
  • Improve combustion
  • And decrease the corrosivity of fuel

SATAM Proposed an comprehensive range of solution:

  • Mechanical Additivation: controlled by an injection piston pump directly linked to the PD meter rotor. PHOTO ou 3D
  • A multipoint injection system
  • The injector controller is capable of controlling anything between 1 and 12 AIM additive injector blocks simultaneously or individually in any combination. MPA can accept pulses from the most basic of mechanical counters to today’s sophisticated flow computer.

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Groupe d’additivation certifié MID – ZCE28 (N’existe pas en anglais y a-t-il une raison ? Domaine d’application ?)

L’ensemble de mesurage ZCE28 est destiné au comptage des dénaturants et colorants. Il permet la préparation des carburants dénaturés bénéficiant d’un régime fiscal spécifique.

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