Complient with Customs requirements

ZCE28 additives injection metering system is MID/EC – OIMLR117 approved in order to meet local Customs and Excise requirements. The additive
package includes a micro-PD meter, electro valve and Equalis S additive controller.

 Sectors of application

  • Preparation of fuels with reduced or specific taxation
  • Injection control of coloring or denaturant on truck loading terminal
  • Injection control of coloring or denaturant on pipeline

 Key points

  • MID CE approved device with integrated strainer air eliminator (SAE)  for easier installation
  • Possibility to use only one SAE for several additives injection lines
  • Pre wired technology for a quick and simple installation


  • Flowrate: 1 à 20 L/mn
  • Minimum additive measurable quantity: 0.2L to 0.5L
  • Minimum fuel measurable quantity (for 200 ppm additive) : 1000 L
  • Viscosity : 0.5 to 100 mPa.s
  • Accuracy class: 0.5  according to OIML R117-1
  • MID / CE type approval: n°TC10428 for ZCE28