Accurate and very compact

More and more terminal owners require detailed information on their products to have on real time mass product Balance. To support our clients SATAM has developped a modul to be added on existing facilities or to be jointly supplied with loading metering solution.
This solution can be installed on main product manifold and sent to supervision while loading
or directly installed at your transfert point directly integrated to your actual loading point and processed by batch contoller EQUALIS S
REFUELLER or HYDRANT AUTOMATIC DENSITOMETER In order to replace traditional manual density measurement, Satam has developed a real-time fuel density measuring system for the automatic monitoring and registration of jet-fuel density. Temperature and density measurements are continuously processed by the Equalis batch controller during the fueling operation. At the end of the loading, Equalis calculates the average density and the loaded quantity in volume and in mass.
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Sectors of application

  • Aircraft refuelling
  • Tanker and railcar loading
  • Product identification on multi-products pipeline
  • Monitoring of fuels quality

Key points

  • Easy to install: Ultra-compact measuring system
  • Ready-made technology: Supplied completely assembled, wired and tested at the production facility
  • Measurement stability and accuracy: High frequency sensing tube which eliminates impact of environmental vibrations on density measurement
  • Measurements reliability: Built-in flow control system for permanent monitoring of the density sampling flow rate
  • High accuracy density measurement: Measurement accuracy better than 0.0001g/cm3 to ensure an accurate calculation of mass and corrected volume


  • Measured liquides: Fuels, biofuels, liquefied petroleum gases including LPG
  • Liquid pressure: 0 to 21.7 bar g
  • Viscosity: 20 mm²/s maxi
  • Ambient temperature: -25 to+55°C
  • Accuracy: < 0.2 g/L