Multifunctional and ultra-compact

Equalis S is an all-in-one field batch controller designed for oil depots and terminals. It meets all the requirements for tanker trucks, railcar and ships loading and unloading operations. Custody transfer certified, Equalis S is compatible with the entire range of volumetric and mass meters used in the oil industry. Equalis S is an all-in-one electronic register. It can interface directly with most terminal automation and data management systems.

 Sectors of application

  • Tanker truck and rail car loading and offloading
  • Bio-fuels online and batch blending
  • Additive injection control
  • Delivery of heating oil to individuals
  • Delivery of fuels to service stations
  • Delivery of fuels to worksites, ships, boiler rooms
  • Delivery of aviation fuels

Key points

  • Compact design for easy installations
  • User-friendly operations with direct and local access to pre-programmed functions
  • Multifunction and powerful associated software package
  • Remote control of loading operations via supervisory system
  • Large display with back light

  A multi-functional flow computer

  • Dosing valve control
  • Additive injection and blending control
  • Security devices management
  • Connection to one or two meters
  • Densitometer management
  • Transaction in volume, base volume and mass
  • Secured data storage of metrological data
  • Local display of stored transactions
  • Direct communication with supervisory system