Anti-fraud system for gas station

ZCE11-48 is a gravity metering unit for fuels. It is designed to rule out any fraud possibility during fuel transportation between depot and gas station. It allows to determine and to verify the delivered quantities without any contestation.

 Sectors of application

  • Fuel delivery to service stations
  • Delivery of fuels to worksites, ships, boiler rooms
  • Tanker truck unloading operation

 Key points

  • Simple and robust construction with few moving mechanical components
  • Direct connection to truck and storage tank tubing
  • Automatic gas purge system to allow start-up with empty tubing


  • Volume accuracy : < ± 0.15% – Option < ± 0.1%
  • Volume repeatability : ≤±0.02%
  • Maximum flow rate: 27 m3/h – 450 L/mn
  • Measured liquids: Petrol, premium fuels, diesel, E5…E85, bio-diesel, ethanol, methanol, kerosene, fatty acid methyl ester, oils
  • Strainer – Gas elimination device: included
  • PD meter: model Satam ZC17 48