In a context of increased competition, this major oil depot located in southwest France has launched an up-grading and a renovation of their trucks loading gantries.
The objective of the operator for this project was threefold:

  • Increasing of loading cadences
  • Enhance safety on the truck loading area
  • Enhance the versatility of each loading station diversifying fuel types available per arm

After an on-site audit and a detailed feasibility study, the Satam engineering team developed the technical solution according to rigorous specifications.
Satam performs the renovation of 10 gantries representing 55 bottom loading arms and 2 top loading armsEach loading arm is equipped with a ZCE5 vertical metering group including ZC17 PD meter and Equalis flow computer. Each flow computer can control the injection of 8 different additives in order to prepare specific fuels for 8 different oil companies (Total Esso, Shell, BP, Udp,Dyneff PicotyBollore).
Each island is also equipped with a mixing arm and ZCE25 blending system  for preparation ofbiofuels.
Each Equalis receives the loading instructions from the supervisory system and manages the loading operations of the vehicle allowing simultaneous delivery of 4 products.