Accréditation OTAN n°FO199

Since 1921, Satam has been supplying metering solutions to the oil and gas industry. Expert in hydrocarbons’ metrology, Satam has the global knowledge, which addresses the particular requirements of the army. Satam’s reactivity, its adaptability and its dedication to service are implemented to facilitate aircraft refuelling and armies’ logistics.
Robustness and reliability of Satam meters and metering systems make these products perfectly tailored for military use. This allows to guarantee a smooth running of aircrafts and vehicles refuelling. Satam also propose equipment for antifreeze metering and distribution.

 Main applications

  • Fuels metering on refuelling vehicle
  • Metering skid for antifreeze disribution
  • Jet fuel metering on aircraft refueller
  • Avgas metering on aircraft refuelling cabinet

 Key points

  • Robust and reliable design
  • Measurement accuracy


  • Flowrate : from 1.2 to 330 m3/h
  • Measured liquids: Gasoline, avgas, jetfuel, gasoil, lubricating oil, antifreeze, additives