NATO certified under n°FO199

Since 1921, Satam has been supplying metering solutions to the oil and gas industry. Expert in hydrocarbons’ metrology, Satam has the global knowledge, which addresses the particular requirements of the army. Satam’s reactivity, its adaptability and its dedication to service are implemented to facilitate aircraft refuelling and armies’ logistics.
Satam has developped a complete range of mounting and dismantling systems for aircrafts, military terrestrial vehicles and public transport vehicles.

 Main applications

  • Mounting and dismounting of aircraft tyres: Rafale, Mirage, A 400M, C160 Transal…
  • Mounting and dismounting of military  terrestrial vehicles tyres: light and heavy armoured vehicles, Michelin type ACM et ACT
  • Mounting and dismounting of public transport vehicles tyres: underground railway…


  • Capacity : 10 to 20 tons
  • Tyres diameter: 22” to 56″
  • Portable equipment: 10 to  20 tons – 22″ max
  • Electric press for workshop: 20 tons – up to 56″
  • Electric press with horizontal axis: 20 tons – up to 56″
  • Vertical axix press: 20 tons – 22″