Satam fuel dispensers are dedicated to refuelling of ships, vehicles and aircraft. These exceptionally robust devices are designed for application in harsh environment. The accuracy, safety and long service-life of Satam equipment allows us to provide you with optimal  performance and maximum profitability in the distribution of your petroleum products. Furthermore, the Satam Service team, which is fully trained in all aspects of oil industry requirements, guarantees optimum availability of your metering equipment and installations.

  • Marine: fuel dispenser for recreational or fishing boats
  • Transportation: refuellers for locomotives and private fleets
  • Mining: fuel dispensers for heavy duty vehicles
  • Aviation: aircraft refuelling cabinet

 Produits associés

Fuel dispenser ZCE17

High flow rate fuel dispenser ZCE17 is dedicated to refuelling of ships and vehicles.

Aircraft refuelling cabinet

This complete aircraft refuelling cabinet is designed for aviation fuels distribution to small aircraft and helicopters.

Fuel dispenser Q200

Q200 is a high flow rate fuel dispenser dedicated to refuelling of heavy duty vehicles.