Aircraft dispenser

Satam aircraft refueling units are designed for fuel dispensing of small airplanes and helicopters. They are perfectly tailored to the requirements for safety, reliability and accuracy specific to these applications

Positive Displacement Meter

Satam meters, are mounted on the aircrafts refuelers and fuel dispensers. They allow an accurate determination of the delivered fuel quantities and billing it to the airlines.

Master meter

Satam as an international reputed and certified meter manufacturer has develop an unique “Master Meter” product range is dedicated to periodic calibration of custody transfer measuring equipment

Batch Controller

The Satam Equalis S is a powerful and versatile field batch controller designed for aircraft refueling vehicles and tank trucks. It meets all the requirements in terms of security and accuracy for installation fuels transport vehicles. Custody

Dir 12

DIR 12 is a large display unit for indication of volume or mass. It is designed for installation on aircraft refuellers, hydrant dispensers and road tanker loading stations.

Gas Extractor head

GAS EXTRACTOR DEVICE XAD 20 150 dedicated to aircraft refueling measuring systems. It can be mounted on horizontal or vertical micro filter gas separator.


AUTOMATIC DENSITOMETER Satam has developed a real-time fuel density measuring system for the automatic monitoring and registration of jet-fuel density. Temperature and density measurements are continuously processed by the Equalis batch controller during the fueling operation